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Expect nothing less than the best care from our team of professionals.

Our profession is an answer to a human instinct. Giving care is a calling we answer. We are care providers from the beginning and we become better at what we do through time. To you, we express our deepest gratitude because you give us a purpose to be a part of the community. Vic Home Health Care Services, Inc. will advocate for better care services in the state as well as campaign for good health through alternative care programs that shorten hospital stays for you and your loved one.

A great benefit that you can get from home health care services is the convenience of having to pay less for more personalized care. When you stay at home, your care giver or nurse will visit you and will only attend to your needs – and not collectively with other 20 patients. Being assigned to care for you at home means being focused on achieving wellness and better health. We give you assistance with daily living activities, specialized therapy and other treatment services under the scope of home health care. When your physician recommends home health care for you, you can rest assured that that’s exactly what you get from Vic Home Health Care Services, Inc.

Because you are in your most fragile condition, we know we have to be extra careful. Old age, injury, disability or a chronic illness presents risks that we must all be aware of – your caregiver, your family and yourself. Through home health care, you can take advantage of three wonderful things that any other hospital will never equal:

- Personalized/Individualized Care Program

- Support from your Family whenever you need it

- Cost-effective services that shorten your hospital stay

Home health care gives you the option to stay at home where you are most comfortable. Ask us how we can bring you the convenience you are looking for. Call (516) 280-7381 today!

We learn every day. We consider each assignment to be a learning experience to become better.
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