Pediatric Nursing

These days, the general idea of health care is that the young patient has to be in the care of professionals while confined in a hospital or a care facility. However, with the advent of home health services, professional healthcare can be brought to your own home - including Pediatric Nursing.

We have nurses who have been trained for Pediatric Nursing and are available for assignment to your homes. Our nurses are experts with child care, infant care and other support programs specially designed to respond to the needs of young children.

Pediatric Nursing can be especially beneficial to clients because most young children may not be receptive to adult environments such as a hospital, a treatment facility or a medical center. However, when the nursing services are brought to your own homes, children can feel at ease. This raises the possibility of their being receptive to treatment and care services.

Do you have a daughter or a son who needs nursing care? Pediatric Nursing may be the right choice for your family. To get started, please call our office at (917) 488-7527.

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