Support Services

There are many ways that our health becomes limited. Over time or in a single lifetime, we may at some point, experience:

  • Illnesses
  • Injuries or Disabilities
  • Age-related limitations

However, this doesn't mean that we're bound to be confined to a hospital, medical facility or a nursing home. Today, there are many options that modern day health care opened for us.

At Vic Home Health Care Services, Inc., we enable our clients to take advantage of Support Services. Such services give clients the choice to stay at home while receiving supportive care from our staff.

Support Services can also be customized to you or your family's needs. It can range from the basic assistance with daily living tasks to round-the-clock bed side care for someone who is chronically ill.

To know more about Support Services and how it can benefit you or someone you love at home, please give us a call - (917) 488-7527.

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