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Why Choose Us

Here are a number of agency highlights that we hope will make you choose Vic Home Health Care Services, Inc. as the health care services provider in your home.

Years of Service

Over the many years in practice, we have helped individual clients and families with different health issues find their way towards better living at home. We bank on the many years of service and the countless clients we’ve served over time. We get better as the years go by and we hope to grace your home with the tradition that is Excellent Care from Vic Home Health Care Services, Inc. Experience great care firsthand!

True Dedication

The measure of a person is not in the ability to be an expert at his or her profession. It is actually based on something entirely different. At Vic Home Health Care Services, we measure ourselves based on the Ethical Compass that determines why we are in this profession to begin with. The first and only answer that comes to mind is the dedication we have to be a contributor to society. Bringing home health care to clients in their homes and enabling families to choose less-costly care services are some of the things we take pride in. We hope to be part of the community you live in and positively contribute to it by serving you at home. We will exhibit the true dedication that is uniquely found in the staff at Vic Home Health Care Services, Inc.

Always there!

Because health is nothing to take lightly, we also take our availability very seriously. We have staff on stand-by ready to take your call and handle your concerns. We respond to your needs when we are in your home and can easily be reached via phone, email or our website. Please contact us soon - (917) 488-7527!

Contact Information

71 Franklin Street, Suite 215
Hempstead, New York 11550

Phone: 516-280-7381
Fax:     516-280-7382

We are available 24/7.